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  1. Should have worn gloves or chain mail

    When assembled it looks great. Heat output is ok. However, the finish on this product is really poor. Aside from the inadequate assembly instructions, there are multiple sharp edges on various pieces that my husband cut himself on. My father (a former engineer) examined the parts and suggests that the mould at the factory is blunt so when the metal is punched, it burrs, leaving knife-sharp edges. Given the blue plastic protective coating comes off in bits and pieces, the parts need to be manoeuvred multiple times, increasing the chances of being cut. The worst cut my husband received was from one of the side panels and was touch and go as to whether it needed stitches. We have contacted the manufacturer, but a week on have not had a response. Buyers beware – this looks great from a distance but you need to wear protection on your hands when assembling and take real care when using it. Keep kids well away.

  2. Very little heat output. Very disappointed.

    Looks good, easy to manoeuvre but very little heat output.

  3. very difficult to manouver

    It must be noted that this product is extremely tall and top heavy so should be secured if being left out side….it is extremly difficult to maouver when gas is inside as the cylinder keeps sliding around and because it is so tall. The heat out put is small..

  4. Not that good

    Bought this as an upgrade and didn’t have the money for a stilh.Had it about 18 months on my third pull cord as spring keeps coming off its plastic mounting as this wears. Uses more fuel than gives power for in my mind and very noisy.Wouldn’t buy again.

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