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  1. Product arrived 2 weeks late, but is exactly as described, the vendor kept me informed throughout so my all bad

  2. Nice chain saw if only the oil didn’t leak

  3. Fairly basic machine, but starts easily and does the job. Amazing value for money.

    Manual diagrams are very small and unclear, so had to resort to finding a video on Utube to work out how to do a couple of tasks. Not a major problem, but diagrams coukd be much improved.

  4. Very powerful saw but some of the stuff u get with it is useless like the bag broke first time using it and so did the tuning screw driver but other then that it’s a fantastic saw defo will be buying the top handle soon

  5. Easy to assemble, basically engineered product. Cuts well and has sufficient power for the blade. Unfortunately it’s a pig to start from cold and floods easily, meaning a spark plug removal and dry. Starts perfectly when warm.